Saturday, February 6, 2010

Well I have decided to paint my dining room.I'm going with a SHADE OF GRAY ON THE TOP OF THE WALLS AND A WHITE ON THE BOTTOM THE TRIM WILL BE A DARKER SHADE OF GRAY.i JUST PURCHASED A TOP TO A CUPBOARD WITH GLASS DOORS.I have a bottom to go with it already.I started to collect Pfaltzgraff Folk art after hearing alot of you talk about your collection of it.I had not heard of it or did not pay much attention until now.So today I went to the GW and found 3 pieces of it 1 plate and 2 saucers.Got on ebay and bid on 3 flat cups so I hope my bid wins out.I am going to do some painting of a couple pieces of furniture in black for in there.One is a bench for my dining room table the other is a old chair to sit by the window in there.Now I will start looking for the blue woven coverlets and table runner.So my dining room will soon be gray white navy with black furniture. I have navy blue and white checked valances already so I guess I am part way there lol.Anyway I am going to look at paint tomorrow if I find what I like I will start soon.I will also be changing furniture around too that is always fun I should start now rearranging to make sure everything will fit how I want.So bye for now .Oh if you read this there are more pics on down my blog of valentines stuff and my doll I made take a look.


  1. OMGosh Judy...I just sold my ENTIRE COLLECTION OF YORKTOWN DISHES....I had tons of them and sold some at my rummage sale and the rest I took to GW....Oh how I wish I had known sooner...they just went a couple weeks ago.

  2. Oh Karen that is the story of my life a day late and dollar short.Actually I did not know what they were until some of the gals kept referring to them on their blog so yesterday I finally looked them up to see what people were talking about.Well I fell in love with them I remember seeing them before but never really paid any attention then yesterday that was it now I have to have them.Crazy huh.I would of for sure been interested in yours but I will have fun looking for pieces of it now.In fact after seeing pics of the dishes that is what gave me the idea for my dining room I went to Menards and got samples of some paint in shades of gray so I am off to a start now.

  3. Judy~ Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments. I enjoyed my visit at your blog, and I am now one of your followers. I am sure your dining room will look wonderful when you are finished. I can't wait to see pictures! ~Dan~