Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boy have I been gone along time.No excuse is good enough for being gone this long so I am not even going to use one.Quite a few holidays have come and gone since my last post but now that we are at the biggest holiday of them all I can say I am pretty much done with the big decorating and I just have a few touches to add.Hope to post a few pics in the next few days.I have been checking out Cottage of the Month and the beautiful home for December.It makes me want to move to Canada right now if I could live in that cottage lol.Today I am just kind of running through and picking up and catching up with the laundry fun fun.Got to go now and pick up the grand daughter from school I promise to post again soon.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hey, Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.Hope all of you are having a wonderful and safe holiday.I wanted to let all of you know in case you haven't heard yet Dan from Yesterday Once More is having a great give away celebrating his 100th post.He is giving away $100.00 gift card from Hobby Lobby.Now if you are not familiar with Dan then you should definitely check him out.He is always inspirational and always leaves you thinking positive and always uplifting.His beautiful home was featured in Country Sampler 2010 Home Tour Edition.So please go on over and check Dan out you will be glad you did.You have till June 4th to sign up for the give away.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey every one nothing much happening here except it is still raining alot.We have had rain here for about week and I am getting kinda of tired of the gloomy days.Enough about the forecast Skyler my grandson who trys to help me with all this computer stuff,has to take a final today his last one then his big graduation is Saturday.He will then have his associates degree and maybe he will finally have some time to help me post my picturesof some of my new make over .I know you guys are probably getting very bored about just hearing all this stuff about the redo and posting pics for that I am very sorry.I am hoping Sky can teach this old dog some new tricks when it comes to learning about what all computers can do.I see all the neat stuff all of you do with your blog and I say ooohhh I want mine to look just half that good.So I try but I am always afraid that if I do something I am not sure how to do I will miss this silly computer up bad!!So here I set waiting for Sky to help me.If any of you can give me step by step directions on how to get some of those cute buttons on your blogs that I see and they always say to take one.Well I want to get them but just don't know what to do.So any advice would be so much appreciated.Maybe I should sign up the next time they offer computer classes for seniors.Probably not a bad idea huh.Have a great day every one!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey everyone I have not posted for such along time.But the truth is I am in the middle of changing my whole decor.I am now changing to the sweet cottage look.Quite a change from prim to the cottage.I have just about got the kitchen done.I have taken a few pics but since I don't know how to post them I again have to wait for one of my kids to do it for me.I seriously want to learn how to post pics myself because I do not like waiting for someone.I have been folkart and prim for quite some time so this is a big over haul for me.I have been hitting garage sales and the second hand shops and have found some great things.The only bad thing about this change is I just painted my dining room in Feb. kind of a dark beige now I want it a butter cream color but I do not know just how soon that will happen.I have my summer swap ready to take to the post office tomorrow.I am also trying to change my yard decor too so it will go with the rest of the house.So I will try to get the pics on as soon as possible and I still like the prim look but I for some reason am liking the cottage fifties look better. Hope every one is having a great day it is cloudy and raining here it is suppose to rain till Thursday looks like I will be working on the inside for now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hey everyone be sure to check out the super great give away Firecrackerkid is having. It is to celebrate her hubby and hers first date back in high school at a Saint Patties dance.The give away is fantastic. If you haven't already signed up make sure you do you won't want to miss this one.