Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nothing much going on today except I will be doing more painting of things for my dining room.Learned some tips from Char after reading her post on her little wood box.I think she is so talented and how lucky we are that she shares it with us.Yesterday while driving my grand daughter "Gabby"I just love her to pieces,I dove by this house that is empty and there was a dumpster on the drive full of stuff some call it junk I don't but anyway on top was this wing back chair I hit the brakes oh yeah this is after Gabby was dropped off of coarse and jumped out it looked as though it was in pretty good condition.So I climb onto the dumpster and slowly edged it down trying not to let it fall.I did it loaded it into my van and it now sits in my garage waiting for the great make over but that won't be until after my upholstery class this summer.I also saw this cute little wood chair with a woven seat the other day at the local junk store downtown thought it was cute in pretty good condition but did not enquire about it.Now this morning I can't get that chair out of my mind so I will be making a phone call there to see if he still has it if so I will be making a trip down town.I have this thing about chairs tables you know things you really have no more room for but you just have to have them.My house is pretty full and the garages is getting there and just think garages sales are hopefully just around the corner I'll have to rent a storage bin lol.That is all for now got to get to painting everyone have a great day.


  1. Judy~ I know what you mean about chairs. I have several old chairs in the barn waiting to be refinished. Three of them came from someone's trash. Your grandson's camera collection sounds great! I can tell that you are so proud of him and you should be. Thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it! ~Dan~

  2. Hi glad you liked your hearts. Isn't that scent the best? Has become my favorite, especially for my Valentine's and spring tucks! It's called Love Potion. It's a linen/room spray I purchased from Connie at She can also be found on ebay as Olde*Blue*Barn*Primitives. I noticed she doesn't have it listed right now, so I sent her an email. I'm almost out and need more! LOL! ~~Annie