Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hi everyone sorry I haven't been on here for the last few days I have been painting my dining room.I started it Saturday late afternoon and got finished Monday.I love it.I painted the top of the walls cobblestone which is a tan and the wainscoting which is on the bottom of the walls I painted a shade of white called linen slipcover and all the trim is painted flatland which is a darker shade of tan.It has made such a change in this room.I will be posting pics probably later tonight or tomorrow.Today I will be tweaking and doing some painting of small things such as shelves and things.Last night I decided to fix something I had never made before for supper.A friend of mine gave me the recipe for Italian beef.It was really easy and oh so good.Get a good size roast season it with the pack of zesty italian dressing the dry au juice and 3 cups of water put all this into the crock pot and cook most of the day.When roast is tender and done take out cool and shred put back into crock with the juice and let simmer for just awhile.Serve on hoagy buns with some italian cheese and a cup of au juice to dip in.I also served with mine a pasta salad baked beans and chips.Skyler's girlfriend made oreo brownies for desert they too were also very good.She just smashed up about a half of pack of oreos mixed half into the brownie mix and baked then frosted them with a creamy vanillia frosting and sprinkled the rest of the oreos on top then served with a scoop of ice cream very gooood.Well that is all for today I have to get busy and get this dining room put back together.


  1. Judy~

    I can't wait to see pictures of your dining room when you get it finished! I bet it looks really good. Your Italian beef sounds good too! I hope you are having a good day! Thank you for visiting my blog so often. I really appreciate it!


  2. Dan I got my Country Sampler Home Tour yesterday looked up your house first and was in AAAHH again.I did not read it until today though and was I shocked and thrilled to see that you and Jeff live right here in Illinois.I just thought you guys lived out east.So I looked up Herrin and I think you guys are about an hour and a half away from me I live in Pekin.So this is so exciting.Do you ever go to third Sunday in Bloomington?Anyway I have to get back to my painting I am painting my cupboard that I pickrd up for $30.00 black I am almost done and then I will post pics.So tootles for now.I just can't believe this you guys right here in Il.Love it!!

  3. Your dining room sounds like it looks lovely.Looking forward to seeing the photos.:)